About Us

Well. It is too simple- I LOVE THEM.

Just think about it… Some time ago, some men or women gave all their patience, effort, emotions and energy to make these amazing kilims.

Most of them have already passed away, but even if they don’t exist already on our old Earth, they have left these small parts of them, which now can make us happy and bring some warmth into our lives.

In 1945…

So this is how the story starts. My husband’s grandpa once wandering around in one small village saw a woman weaving a rug. It was a hot summer day. She was so deep in her job that noticed neither the cruel sun heat nor the pain in her fingers. He suddenly sat next to her and started to watch the magic movements of her hands.

Many years have passed since those days, our dear grandpa Sami Kaya now is 86 – very positive and full of energy. Last time I saw him he was reaching the 11th!!!! Floor on foot, I was really shy to use elevator that day.

His sons and grandsons are still saving family tradition that he started many years ago.

Actually my husband has a profession. He is a business manager and working in a big company, but he can’t stop proceeding carpet business and I help him with a big pleasure. His passionate stories about kilim rugs and their natural beauty made me totally fall in love with them. I can not even understand how a person can be so hardworking. Cause you need months, sometimes years, all your efforts and patience to finish one kilim. And is not it a miracle’ that notwithstanding so many years kilim rugs can still save their beauty and sometimes can reincarnate and become beautiful things such as kilim pillow’ kilim shoes and purses.

At present we have a huge stock, best Anatolian weavers and repairmen’ the possibility to travel to old small villages to explore new rugs. We ship worldwide and can manufacture any desired design.

Those people shared their love while making the rugs and now we’d love to share them with you.

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